( He did approach me first )

(Jonah starts to walk away from her, though stops and looks over his shoulder)

Whut cain ya tell me ‘bout th’ Avengers?



Whut yer holdin’ there ain’t a forgiving plant. Ah assume you already knew that.


( Janet smiles softly, waving a little )

Sir— Can I help you?

Do Ah look like Ah need help?


… No.

[she very obviously rolls her eyes ]

(Hex nods his head)


That skin condition contagious?


(Hex tips his hat to the woman in respect.)


America let her hand drop to her hip. “Gusto en conocerte,” She said with a little nod. “Now, where am I and what year, since you already know about the whole time travel thing.”

Jonah knew Spanish well enough to understand her phrase. He nods his head to it, not returning the pleasant greetings. “Yer in Nevada, 1873. Ya best change out of those clothes if ya stayin’.”

Ah’m far too drunk right now.


Both of America’s eyes shot up. Well, at least no one can blame her for being the first one to mess up any time lines. “Yea, actually. Possibly another dimension, too… Who knows. I’m America.” She said, holding out a hand to the man. 

Hex makes a growling sound to her name; being named after a country is the silliest thing he’s ever heard. He looks to her hand then back up to America. “Hex. Jonah Hex.”


"Uh, yea…" She started, knowing her question was going to sound odd. "Mind telling me where I am?" 


Jonah takes one look over the woman’s body. “Yer from th’ future, ain’t ya,” is his answer in the most casual of tones.